How It Began

IN 1971,  at the age of nineteen and unable to speak a word of French, Bérénice Stevenson dropped out of the women’s college she was attending in Upstate New York to spend a year in Paris.  An art history student, her intent was to travel through Europe with her best friend from college, Debbie, before returning to her home in California to live with her high school sweetheart.   Thinking back on that year brings an old Yiddish proverb to mind:

“If you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him your plans.”

Less than three months after their arrival, Debbie packed her bags to return to Manhattan and her boyfriend at Princeton — leaving Bérénice  to fend for herself.

This blog is dedicated to what happened next.

Paris, 1975

First Post: Foreword to the Memoir: “You Made Me Love You” 

To be taken to the first post,  click on the dust jacket of the book, below.

Book Cover, Rev

The book is being written as a trilogy, with Part One, Memoir of a Twenty-Something Girl in Paris (The Cinderella Years (1971-1979) almost complete.  To scroll through the table of contents for Part One,  Click HERE or on the dust jacket, below.  The chapter titles within the table of contents are linked to their corresponding posts.

Love’s Theme,  Love Unlimited Orchestra – Barry White


About the Music of Paris in the Sizzling Seventies

Paris in the Seventies was a time of insouciance, glamour and excitement, and nothing reflects this more than the music so popular in the City of Lights at that time.  As you read through the posts, click on the Music Player to relive the atmosphere of the era. It is my hope that the songs I have chosen will transport you to a time and place that was truly magical, and will live in my heart for eternity.

To reach all of the songs within the Music Player,  go to the Music Player page, or
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On each page, it looks like this   Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.34.35 AM

If you would like to contact Bérénice, click on her photo, below.

Great shot, enhanced, photoshop



One thought on “How It Began

  1. In my lifetime, I have never, but never seen such heartfelt, sincere, and utterly mesmerizing words, and thoughts………Mrs de la Salle, lives not far from me, and we are friends……..having said that, it has absolutely nothing to do with her profound ability to make you be a part of her; in such a good way……….I had to read it all again twice……….I am picky as can be, when it comes to what people write….Most of the time it is totally self serving dribble……..Berenice, was simply speaking to love……in the most profound manner………..refreshing and totally moving………..I won’t forget what she somehow managed to put to pen, anytime soon………..with great respect……………………..Don McPherson, junior………………..

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