The Only Thing


The memoir is of one woman’s forty-year love affair with her husband.  It is being written as a trilogy with “Paris, the Cinderella Years” (1971 – 1979) comprising the first part, to be followed with part two, “The Family Years, Malibu” (1980 – 1988)  and, finally,  part three, “The Years of Retreat, Mammoth Lakes” (1989 – 2011).

The chapters listed on this page are in chronological order, unlike the Blog Post section of the site which lists chapter/posts in reverse chronological order.

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Oh, and humor me…the gold medallion on the picture of the book cover is an exercise in “positive visualization.”

Pitou My Love

Part One

 . . .  Memoir of  a Twenty-Something Girl in Paris


How It Began

…if you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him your plans

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Foreword to Part One

“You Made Me Love You”

“Uncle Oscar Knew”


Paris, The Cinderella Years

…my youth…the twenties, when everything was new.

Culture Shock

The List

“I Fell On My Baby Bottle”

“Et Moi, Alors?”

“Don’t Worry About It. You Still Have Two Weeks”

“Elle Est Bien”

“Oh Yeah? Just Watch Me”

“A Toast . . . To the Next President of the United States”

“Bérénice .  .  . Wake Up!”

“Tell Me Everything About You!”

“I Can’t! I Can’t!”

“How We Doin?”

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

The Circle

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby?

The Kiss

L’Amour, L’Amour